The statements below contain actual quotes from some of the emails we received from travel team parents. A copy of the original  email will be sent to you upon request:

“Thanks for all you do. I have to tell you I am very impressed with Black Bear, love the coaching and would recommend the program to anyone who wants their son to have a great lacrosse experience. As you may remember we came from another program that would not accommodate (son) playing half a summer season for a reduced rate (he had a three week trip to Europe), we thought he would not be able to play but you were very kind and let (son) play the tournaments he could make. We get calls and notes from coaches all over the region as I am sure all the boys do, we would never leave Black Bear. Best decision we ever made in terms of lacrosse for (son). He loves it and he really enjoys playing for you.”-Black Bear LC 2017 Parent

“Just wanted to say thanks to you and the camp counselors. All three of my kids LOVED the camp and want to now play LAX. They are already talking about attending the camp again next summer. While they had nothing but nice things to say about everyone who was part of the camp, (daughter) mentioned how much she liked (Coach) Alexa and the boys made specific mention of how much they liked (Coaches) Connor and Maxwell. They especially said (Coach)  Maxwell was very positive as well as encouraging; and did a great job of explaining things to them since they were new to the sport.”-2015 Camper

“Jon (Coach Heisman), Just wanted to thank you for a great week of camp. Logan and Austin had a great time and are so excited telling me all they learned. I think Austin has gained more confidence this past week and with this being Logan’s first exposure to lax, I’m hoping he decides to play in the spring!”-2015 Summer Camper


“Coach Churchey, I just wanted to let you know that I really liked the message you gave to players and parents after tonight’s practice about recruiting.  I have a daughter graduating high school this year who has gone through the recruiting process and everything you said about scholarships, academics, college coaches, behavior, etc. was completely consistent with our family’s experience.  So it was a really valuable message, and I hope everyone absorbed it!”-Black Bear LC 2018-AA Parent after our Recruiting Discussion with players after practice Summer 2015

“I just really wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, and every coach working out there with the boys.  My husband has been going to most of the practices and telling me how pleased he is to see (sons name) get actual coaching from the Black Bear staff.  I actually had the opportunity to stop by Tuesday night and watch the practice and I was amazed.  It has been years since (name of son) has received the kind of direction and interaction you and the other coaches have provided him.
It brought me such joy, because I know that this is all he has yearned for over the past few years, is someone to take the time to direct him and show him what he is doing wrong and how to correct it, not just pull him out and take his playing time away.  I am so thrilled that he is finally getting what he needs, and deserves.   Since he started with Black Bear, his entire demeanor and attitude has changed for the better and he looks forward to practices and playing again. 
So thank you for restoring a young man’s enthusiasm, self esteem, and desire for a sport he genuinely enjoys.  It means the world to us, and I know it means a lot to him, as he has said that he really likes playing again – and coming from a teenage boy – that is huge!”-Black Bear LC 2018 Parent Summer 2015

“Jon, I wanted to let you know that Travis is having the best time at your camp. He is so encouraged by you and the other coaches. He prays that it doesn’t thunder and lightening every night so he doesn’t miss one day of your camp. Thank you so much for that you have given my son this week.”- Black Bear Camper

“I just wanted to send you an email and say a big thank you!  I think you ran a great clinic and we will def. participate again so please keep us on your mailing list/email list.   You did a fantastic job of encouraging and redirecting the kids.  The sessions were very productive.”-422Sports Off Season Training Parent

 “Just wanted to tell you that (sons name) really liked these two (position specific) training sessions! He felt that he learned a lot of things he can use in his game.  He especially liked that this was geared specifically to defense. Thank You!!!“-Parent of a Black Bear LC 2017/2018 Position Specific Training Session

“I played over 15 years. Lax myself and have an extensive athletic background. I find your skills camp to be top notch both in organization and the manner in which you coach.Thank you!”-Parent Off Season Training Program 422Sports

“My son learned a lot from the coaches this season.  They pushed them, taught them, and I saw a lot of improvement in my son.  They have great coaches that are very knowledgeable.  All of the boys responded to them as they taught them throughout the season. Great job coaches! “

“The Coaches did a great job with the team. My son enjoyed working with the coaches and fellow players. All-in-all a great experience for Nick and our family.  I look forward to next summer and another Black Bear Travel experience.”

“I was a coach at the high school level for 15 years and I’m impressed that the coaches are always working with the boys in a positive framework. Major improvements on both the individual and team level from the first tournament to the last one. Thanks again for a great experience this summer.  We look forward to the expanded fall training and tournaments.”

Thanks for a great season last summer, Billy had a wonderful time and the kids and coaches were truly first rate.  I do have a younger son, who, based on Billy’s positive experience, would love to try out for Black Bear as well.  Thanks so much, and thanks for putting together such a good program!

Thanks to your excellent coaching staff and exposure to high levels of competition, he grew so much as a lacrosse player and as a confident young man though his experience last year. Danny looks forward to the opportunity to try out for Black Bear’s U-15 team.

Both my sons participated in the Chester County Black Bear program and we all enjoyed it very much.  The coaching was superior and the arrangements and logistics were well done.  I have nothing to say regarding improvements, just keep doing what you’re doing.Thank you for a great experience.

We had a great season with Black Bear!  Christian enjoyed himself while learning much and getting to know guys from other schools.

….  first of all the staff . . . yourself and the coaches did a great job in terms of coaching, organizing, teaching and just letting the kids have fun.  It was a great environment . . . the kids were great and no problem parents.  Considering this was a first year program, I think the level the kids competed at was first rate.

Just wanted to let you know that my son, Tommy, had a great time playing on BBX Select Orange.  He got a lot of experience and I saw a big improvement in his game.

Blake had a great time playing for you.  Thanks so much for making this such an enjoyable lacrosse summer.  One of the things I appreciated in addition to the terrific coaching was your positive outlook on the game.  You provided such a positive and encouraging experience for the players.  Also, you did a great job scheduling the tourneys.  Knowing early on when they were and where was a huge help!

First, I like to say my son, Joey, really enjoyed his first summer with the Montco Select team.  Coach Wagner did a great job with the boys.  All the players improved, and my son definitely became a better defenseman.

Both my sons participated on the U15 Blue team.  Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The coaches were wonderful with the players.  We were very pleased with the tournament schedule as well.  We did play some very experienced teams.  We feel this experience has truly benefited our sons as overall players.

Just wanted to let you know that our son, Bobby, U13, loved the program this summer and really learned a lot from Jim Schorn and his whole coaching staff.  They really care about teaching the boys, and we appreciate that.

Campers Speak Out

       “I want to express my personal thanks to Jon and coach Carter for everything that you’re doing to advance youth lacrosse in the region. I have met you several times – having attended your coaching clinics- and am always thoroughly impressed by your attitude and coaching style. My son, after attending Black Bear summer camp the past three years and the Ursinus clinics, is just as big a Coach Heisman fan. Bishop Shanahan and the Black Bear program are indeed fortunate to have an individual with your drive, passion and ability involved.

     This is really how we feel and why we were both excited to learn of the Chester County Black Bear team. My son, and most of his CYLA teammates, have evolved through a youth program without ever having really excellent coaches so we were excited about the potential of playing for Heisman, Spano, Carruthers or one of the other very dynamic coaches involved. Nothing against CYLA coaches – I’m one myself – but most of us have never played and possess a fraction of the experience that a really great lacrosse coach requires.”

“Charlie went to three LAX camps this year and BY FAR, he had the best time ever at your camp.  Bottom line . . . He loved it and will be back next year for sure!  You and your staff should be highly commended!”

“My sons Billy and Fred had a terrific time at the camp and are anxious to attend next year.”

“Jason had a great time!  . . . He’ll definitely be there next year so please keep us on the mailing list.”

“Garry really enjoyed camp.  He was a bit hesitant since he’d never played lacrosse before.  Even with the heat, he had a great time and really enjoyed the counselors.”

“Steve loved the camp!  I don’t think there was anything about it that he didn’t like!  . . . The camp gave Steve a lot of confidence . . . after the camp, he really felt like he could really play the game.”

“George had a great time and said he would definitely do the camp again next year.  He really liked the counselors, the extra activities and most of all the scrimmages.”

“We want to thank you and your staff for the great camp experience.  Justin had a great time.  Look forward to next year.”

“Both my sons (Timmy, 10 & John, 7) had a great experience at the Black Bear Lacrosse camp this year.  Thanks!”

“Jon, our boys are still talking about what a great time they had at camp.  Thank you for the opportunity to send them as well as the opportunity to communicate directly with you.  I have been a coach at many camps myself and have great memories of that time of life-both as a player and a coach.”

“My son, Vincent attended camp and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!  Thanks for a great week.”

The boys had a great time this week! You guys run an excellent camp. I will make sure to tell the UM club members about the boys experience.


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