Travel Teams

Black Bear Travel Teams

The Black Bear boys travel lacrosse program emphasizes developing the skills and competency levels of its Club members through superior coaching and training which is put to the test in highly competitive tournaments. We are more than just tournament teams – we produce players that are markedly improved in all facets of the game after participating on a Black Bear team. Our goal is to produce better players who are given the tools to compete at a higher level. We’ve assembled the best coaches who have a true passion for the game, an impeccable lacrosse “pedigree,” and strong communication skills. We use consistent terminology throughout our various age brackets to allow our players to seamlessly progress through our program. We also utilize the same special teams and ride packages as well as offensive and defensive schemes – all appropriately tailored to age. This strategy allows us to move players, based on merit, throughout our various teams. We also help our players with the college recruiting process.


-Quality Coaching and Instruction from our elite coaching staff.

-Year Round playing and training opportunities in the Fall, Winter, Summer.

-12+ practices from our highly knowledgeable and passionate coaches.

-Guidance in the recruiting process including showcase opportunities, recruiting nights, and material developed by our Recruiting Coordinators.

-Four Competitive summer tournaments placing our team against quality opponent from across the country allowing our players to compete and grow at a high level.

-Off Season Position Specific training opportunities at 422 Sports and Maple Zone Sports at member pricing.

NEW for 2015: TWO Pre-Season Summer Mini Camps(3 hours each) to go over basic team concepts as well as specialized positional training from the entire Black Bear coaching staff!


The Black Bear team schedule is designed around high school sports. The season is split into two major components: Fall and Summer. The summer months of June and July are the busiest, with several major tournaments. We also will participate in several weekend tournaments in November for both our Youth (2020-2025) and High School (2017-2019) players. The High School players also engage in Recruiting Nights and Tournaments with high College Coach Attendance. We also offer Position Specific high intensity off-season training sessions at the 422 Sports Complex and Maple Zone Sports Complex during the Fall and Winter to our members.


The Black Bear organization is dedicated to providing the highest level of play, coaching and training. We help prepare players for college lacrosse and give them the experience, opportunity and recognition needed to become an elite player. The Club emphasizes learning through competitive play, tournaments and games. The player, however, must be properly prepared to play and understand the team playing philosophy. Therefore, players are expected to make all practices so they have the fundamentals required to play.


The amount of playing time in tournaments and exhibition games will be determined by the coach, period. We will play fair and competitively, but as a team. Positioning, strategy and all other executive decisions will be determined by our coaches and staff. All members will have a fair opportunity to compete.


The Black Bear organization is dedicated to honoring the game of lacrosse. We expect parents, players and coaches to conduct themselves as examples to all.


The Black Bear team will communicate primarily through email.


  • Extensive, quality coaching designed to improve individual and team skills;
  • Weekly practice sessions with your team;
  • Access to best coaches, tournaments and competition;
  • Individual coaching and performance training;
  • Guest coaching by high school, college and MLL players;
  • Use of coaching staff as college references;
  • Guidance through the college selection and recruiting process by experienced counselors, college recruiters and former college lacrosse coaches; and FUN and CAMARADERIE!


To receive additional information about the Black Bear travel teams, please email us.