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News & Updates

2016/17 Supplemental Travel Try Outs!!!

Black Bear Lacrosse Club will be holding Supplemental Try Out Evaluations for their 2020 Travel Team throughout the Month of October at the All Sports Center in Upper Providence PA. Positional Needs are listed below as well as DATES and Times of try outs: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

2020 Team NEEDS: Midfield(4), Goalie(2), Defense(1)

Try Out Dates: Sunday October 2, 9, 16, 23


Bllack Bear

Check out the Links below for more information:


Black Bear Lacrosse Club will be holding Supplemental Try Out Evaluations for their 2021-2022-2023-2024 Travel Teams throughout the Month of October at the All Sports Center in Upper Providence PA. Positional Needs are listed below as well as DATES and Times of try outs: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

2021 Team-GOALIE, Midfield(2), Attack(2)

Try Outs 6-7pm Sunday’s October 2, 9, 16, 23

2022 Team-GOALIE, Midfield(2), Attack(2), Defense(1)

Try Outs 5-6pm Sunday’s October 2, 9, 16, 23

2023 Team-GOALIE(1), Defense(2), Midfield(2), Attack(2)

2024 Team-GOALIE(1), Defense(2), Midfield(4), Attack(2)

Try Outs for Both 2023&2024 6-7pm Sunday’s October 2, 9, 16, 23

Cost is $20, players being evaluated will be practicing with currently members of their respective grade teams. Questions contact us at blackbearnorth@gmail.com or Coach Churchey at 610-246-4788


2016 BBX Camp Announcement

Boys Camps:2016

Collegeville – June 20-24

Avalon 1- July 4-8

Ocean City 1-July 4-8

Limerick- July 11-15

Ocean City 2-July 25-29

Avalon 2- August 8-12









Girls Camps:2016

Avalon 1- July 4 –8

Avalon 2- Aug. 8-12




Black Bear LC Fall Recruiting Night A SUCCESS!


St. Joseph's University Associate Head Coach Daniel Keating,  Arcadia University Head Coach Nick Taylor, and Swarthmore College Head Coach Patrick Gress

St. Joseph’s University Associate Head Coach Daniel Keating,
Arcadia University Head Coach Nick Taylor, and Swarthmore College Head Coach Patrick Gress


Players and Parents from the Black Bear Lacrosse Club’s newly formed 2017 and 2018 Teams descended upon the Auditorium of Perkiomen Valley Middle School East on Saturday October 18th as a part of the first Annual Black Bear LC Fall Recruiting Night. The purpose of this event was simple, to help our players and parents get the education and information needed to understanding more about the college lacrosse recruiting process and what college coaches look for in student-athletes.

The Theme remained the same amongst all three college coaches speaking with an emphasis on Academics, a players Character, and a players Athletic Abilities. “We call this the Triangle for Recruiting” Coach Daniel Keating Said, “These are the three most important areas that we look at for in every recruit.” Each institution talked about the importance of academics and how they value players taking Honors and AP classes. Each also gave the average GPA and SAT scores they look for in a student-athlete indicating a student who is committed to his academic work is usually just as committed to his athletics.

Character was a BIG area of discussion from all three college coaches who said it is vitally important to their programs success. “We’ll take a decent player with excellent character qualities on and off the field over a player who is rated better but lacks those qualities”, Said Swarthmore Head Coach Patrick Gress,”we know a player who possesses great character will improve and be committed all 4 years.” Coach Keating mentioned from a player personality standpoint  ‘no palms up’ talking about when players are at tournaments and events “someone is always watching you, don’t misbehave or exhibit a negative attitude because ultimately that does affect your recruiting process.”

Athletic Abilities, specifically a players overall skill set and commitment level, was the third area all three coaches mentioned and put a lot of emphasis on, especially Arcadia Head Coach Nick Taylor who was previously the Defensive Coordinator at Cabrini College. “I coached 12 All-Americans while at Cabrini,” Coach Taylor said, “and the one thing that was similar among all of them was their Commitment to their Athletics and Academics as well as their Commitment to developing their skill sets outside of practice on their own.” All three spoke how their best players were committed OUTSIDE of practice as well as during and in the classroom emphasizing the importance of committing yourself to become a better player, a better student, and turning your weaknesses into strengths as something they value at their respective institutions.

The players and parents in attendance found the information to be extremely valuable in helping them throughout the recruiting process. All Black Bear LC players got a hand out from each college coach to take home with them. “This was such a great educational experience for our players and parents” Coach Bryan Churchey Black Bear’s Recruiting Coordinator said, “this is just the first page of many for our players and parents when it comes to helping them get recruited but having these three coaches speak and connecting on similar points was excellent for our guys to hear, it’s really going to help them throughout the process and make better decisions as a result.” The Black Bear Lacrosse Club 2017 and 2018 Teams will be competing this Fall in the Lehigh King of the Mountain Showcase November 9th and the MVP Fall Exposure 2 November 16th, recruiting events these colleges coaches said they plan on attending.

Black Bear LC 2017 Team Page

Black Bear LC 2018 Team Page

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Heisman Named High School Honorable Mention Coach of The Year by PhillyLacrosse.com

Congratulations to Coach Heisman who led the the Bishop Shanahan Eagles to a share of their first ever ChesMont League championship in 2013! In 2014 Shanahan won the ChesMont title outright and were District One Runner-Ups finishing 18-3.

Important Announcements

Heisman Second Winningest Coach in PA History

Congratulations to Black Bear founder, Coach Heisman, who has won 402 games as a High School Head Coach ranking him number 2 all time for wins in Pennsylvania boys lacrosse history. On top of this achievement,  Coach Heisman has also won state championships, multiple ChesMont league championships and has been named coach of the year multiple times.

Black Bear North and South

Black Bear created  “Black Bear North” to allow convenient access to our outstanding program and coaching staff for athletes living a long distance from our primary practice facilities at West Chester University in Southern Chester County.  Black Bear North, directed by Coach Churchey and Coach Wise, practices at Phoenixville High School,  while Black Bear “South”, directed by Coach Heisman, will continue to practice at West Chester University. Black Bear’s HS teams practice at both Phoenixville and West Chester.


Why Choose Black Bear?

The answer is simple: mature, battle tested coaches that have a passion for teaching the game!  WHY CHOOSE BLACK BEAR 2015


Black Bear Partners with the AILA

Black Bear is pleased to announce that it is now an American Indoor Lacrosse Association ”Integrated Program.” Our association with the AILA means that our players and coaches will now learn the bio mechanics, principles, strategies and tactics of indoor lacrosse and how to transfer these additional skill sets to their field game from AILA President Johnny Mouradian and his AILA staff in addition to the top- flight field instruction Black Bear has been teaching its members for years.  “We are very excited to work with Jon Heisman and the Black Bear players and coaches to share the indoor game and differentiate Black Bear Lacrosse. Integrated Programs create a very special learning environment that is both fun and cutting edge” explains Mouradian. For more information about In|Crosse, click here.

US Lacrosse Membership Info

To participate in our travel program, you MUST be a current US Lacrosse Member. All tournament operators require this. To get a US Lacrosse number or to check if your membership is current, click here.